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Bikini Beach Bodies: Romina Bass 2021 Tampa Part 1

All J.M. Manion @aroundthenpc_jm Photos can be seen #exclusively at and . 2021 #IFBBNYPro Bikini Overall Champion Romina Bass @rominabass @npcnewsonlineofficialpage Photographer J.M. Manion @aroundthenpc_jm Production Coordinator and Light Disk: Debra Amelio-Manion Customized Suits: Suits You Sexy Swimwear @suitsusexy @sycompetitionsuits . @ifbb_pro_league @npcworldwideofficial @npcnewstv @npcfitbody2 @npcwellness @npcworldwidewellness @ifbbproleaguewellness @mrolympiallc @t_manion @bevsgym @timgardnerproductions @tgflex_1 @gardner.tortuga @claudio.hait

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Women's Figure

2021 NPC / IFBB Professional League Miami (Ad)Vice Florida Superstar Seminar Part 4 Part 4 of the videos features @npcnewsonlineofficialpage Chief Official Photographer and Host J.M. Manion @aroundthenpc_jm interviewing 2020 #NPCJrUSA and 2020 #IFBBNYPro Women’s Physique Champion Rachel Daniels @therealoislane_ifbbpro and 2019 and 2020 @ifbb_pro_league Women’s Physique International ( @arnoldsports ) Champion Natalia Coelho @ifbbpronataliacoelho before moving on to 2017 #IFBBNYPro Bodybuilding Champion Sergio Oliva Jr. @sergioolivajr and winding up with 2019 #IFBBProLeague @niagarafalls_proshow Champion Terrence Ruffin @ruff_diesel who ende

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Sunday Winners Shoot

2021 NPC USA Championships Overall Winners Champions Photo Shoot – Classic Physique Ruben Salas Photos

You can view the J.M. Manion @aroundthenpc_jm photos #exclusively from this shoot on and . The Annual J.M. Manion @aroundthenpc_jm 2021 NPC USA Champions Photo Shoot with Classic Physique Overall Winner and new @ifbb_pro_league athlete Ruben Salas @_rubensalas . You can view the full photo galleries and all of our #exclusive coverage including stage photos, videos and more at our Featured Contest Page . @bodybyo @kimbooddo @musclecontest @tamerelguindy @tkguindy @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @npcnewstv @npcfitbody2 @npcworldwideofficial @ifbb_pro_league @npcwellne

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