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Bikini Beach Bodies: Mahsa Akbarimehr Honolulu Part 1 Photos by J.M. Manion

Bikini Beach Bodies-Mahsa Akbarimehr Honolulu Part 1

@ifbb_pro_league Bikini Pro @mahsa_ifbbpro #exclusively for @npcnewsonlineofficialpage See full gallery and Mahsa’s competition photos on and videos on our official YOU TUBE PAGE
As photographer @aroundthenpc_jm stated, “This was always to be an off-season photo shoot with Mahsa to show that competitors can look just as good in a photo shoot in the off-season as well as around contest time. I’m super happy that Mahsa trusted Debbie and I to do this photo shoot when we visited Honolulu!”
Mahsa commented on her own account, ‘I was so hesitant at first doing a photo shoot at my off-season shape since we’re all used to do it contest shape or 2-3 weeks out from shows, but I’m so happy that I did it especially when I had this chance of finally shooting with @aroundthenpc_jm . I’m an athlete and no matter if I’m super lean, at my best shape ready to compete or during offseason with more curves, I still remain an athlete and an IFBB Pro. Great to see yourself at all stages and appreciate the hard work you’ve done building the body u stay at all time whether it’s close to a competition or not. Thanks to @jmmanion and @d_amelio_manion for helping me feel this way and giving me the opportunity.’ #thankful
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