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Peter McGough Tribute

This is not what I thought I’d hear on the last day of 2020, but my long time friend Peter McGough passed away peacefully on Wednesday with his beloved wife Anne by his side. For those unaware, Peter was fighting cancer for years and he put up a good fight. Peter was one of if not the most knowledgeable people when it came to our sport of bodybuilding. He served many years as the Editor-In-Chief of FLEX Magazine @flex_magazine , answering only to Joe Weider himself. He then moved on to work for @musculardevelopment for years. More than all that, I’ll always cherish our friendship and the fact that Peter was nothing more than honest with me for years. If he liked something we did in the NPC and IFBB Professional League, he’d tell me. Conversely if he didn’t like something we did, he would tell me as well. We had many lively discussions but in the end we always remained friends and enjoyed many good meals. I will miss you my friend and will cherish our many great memories that we shared together with our wives Anne and Debbie. The sport of bodybuilding will also miss you greatly.
Jim Manion