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Check out these #exclusive J.M. Manion @aroundthenpc_jm photos only on and
Men’s Bodybuilding: Carlos Thomas, Jr. @carlos_thomasjr_
Women’s Bodybuilding: Chelsea Dion @chelcbabyyy
Women’s Physique: Julia Monroe @j_u_l_e_s_____
Men’s Physique: Tom Cox @no_ordinarytom
Classic Physique: Eric Abelon @eric_abelon
Figure: Amanda Kohatsu @haparican
Bikini: Brittany Gillespie @britgillespiee
Wellness: Erewa Uku @simplysaddity
THANK YOU TO ALL THE 2021 @npcnationals OVERALL WINNERS who showed up for the Annual @npcnewsonlineofficialpage Champions Photo Shoot On Sunday!!!
CONGRATULATIONS to all for qualifying for the @ifbb_pro_league
At the end you’ll see that every winner gets to pick a pose from their division and the others have to imitate it no matter what it is or how awkward it looks . . . which is kind of the idea to have a few good laughs!
This is just the First Photo Gallery of all the groups from the shoot. Over the months to come we will be featuring those photos along with some very unique video content as well on our websites;
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NPC News TV YouTube Channel
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Shoutout to the NPC News Online Team;
-Production Coordinator, Debra Amelio-Manion
-Light Disk, Jeff Binns @jeffbinns
-Video, Joe Bayer @hdphysiques
-Video, Chris Nicoll @profitnessphotos
-Video, Zach Richmond @zrich_productions
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