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2023 14th Annual NPC USA Champions Photo Shoots – Men’s & Women’s Overall Champions Photos

See all the J.M. Manion @aroundthenpc_jm photos #exclusively on and
Overall Champions & new @ifbb_pro_league athlete’s:
Men’s Bodybuilding: Joseph Palacios @ifbbpro_jo_palacios
Women’s Bodybuilding: Ursula Morrow @she_rah_is_traumabuilt
Classic Physique: Austin Espy @austin_espy_
Men’s Physique: Charles Tawiah @chizeledchaz
Bikini: Judy Son @judyson_ifbbpro
Figure & Women’s Physique Overall: Astrid Cruz @as_tah_rid
Wellness: Petra Huebner @petra.huebner
HUGE THANK YOU to @musclecontest @tamerelguindy @candiceelguindy & Tracey Victor for setting everything up @horseshoevegas pool deck for us!
Thanks to my better half for keeping the shoots moving & handling the #lightdisk all day!
Photos & BTS videos will be appearing on,, & the NPC News Online YouTube Channel.
*NOTE: This is an annual photo shoot I’ve been shooting since 1988, with the exception of 2020, & the info has been posted for a long time & it was reiterated to ALL the athletes at check-in’s, by the backstage expeditor’s & personally by me all weekend! Some chose not to attend so don’t think they were not invited or unaware. And promoter Tamer El Guindy @tamerelguindy was himself in the 2009 NPC USA Champions shoot when he won & qualified for the @ifbb_pro_league
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