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2022 NPC USA Overall Champions Gallery

The 2022 NPC USA Overall Champions photographed on stage at the end of the contest and from the Sunday NPC News Online Champions Photo Shoot with J.M. Manion @aroundthenpc_jm
See all the photos #exclusively on and
The Overall Champions and newly qualified @ifbb_pro_league athletes;
-Men’s Bodybuilding, Stuart Sutherland @beef_stu_97
-Classic Physique, Nathaniel Joiner #nathanieljoiner
-Men’s Physique, Tyler Sanchez @tjsnchz
-Women’s Bodybuilding & Women’s Physique, Gessica Campbell @gessicacampbel
-Figure, Becca Wilcox @beastmodebecca_ifbbpro
-Bikini, Savannah Watchman @_savannah_joy
-Wellness, Jennifer Scarborough Zollars @jeni.snax
The last photos are where we have fun. Each Champion gets to call a pose from their division and everyone has to do it just like whoever called the pose. It’s fun to watch the others try to get into some of the poses as it’s awkward for them. Everyone had a good laugh!
Huge THANK YOU to @musclecontest @tamerelguindy @tkguindy for securing the pool @ballysvegas for Sunday’s Champions Photo Shoot.
As always Thank You to Debbie @d_amelio_manion for handling the #lightdisk & being the #productioncoordinator to keep the shoot moving.
Finally to Thank You to Chris Nicoll @profitnessphotos for filming the BTS videos!
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